Tape Recording Mag 1957 (1/3)

Some ads from ‘Tape Recording’ April 1957

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Please feel free to copy the images on these three pages if you want to use them on your own site or elsewhere. For complete runs of tape recorder magazines on flash USB click here (external site, no responsibility taken)

Tape Recording Magazine cover

Magazine cover. Technical advisory editor: E Swain AMIEE AMBrit IRE; Associate editors: Ian Arnison and R.Brown. Published by Print and Press Services Ltd, printed by Cooperative Printing Society Ltd EC4 and distributed by Rolls House Publishing EC4

Brenell tape recorder ad

Brenell 3-speed tape recorder only 48 guineas (about £1000 in 2013 pounds), moving coil microphone 67/6 (£3.38) extra

Film Industries mic ad

Film Industries Ltd M8 ribbon microphone

Grundig tape recorder ad

Grundig advert – TK5 52 guineas (£54.60) including microphone

Phillips & Bonson tape recorder ad

Ad from Phillips & Bonson Ltd (n.b. 2 ‘l’s in Phillips), 8 Millfields Road, Hackney E5. President 55/62 guineas

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