The Duke’s Head Public House, Twickenham

These notes were compiled by the late Vic Rosewarne during the 1990s

The Duke’s Head, Colne Road (prev. Albion Road), Twickenham

This house was first recorded 1759, when Joseph Parrott was licensee, although he is recorded by 1750 as having a house in Twickenham, but no sign is then given. The land on which the pub stands was enclosed from Hounslow Heath by 1740, along with other areas south of Colne Road. The original house fronted on Albion Road and before the enclosures this was the edge of the Heath. The house then had a large bay window in the front from which the comings and goings on the Heath could be seen. Like most pubs on Hounslow Heath it is said Dick Turpin stayed there, indeed it is claimed he hid from his pursuers in the cellars, and whilst there carved his name on the cellar door.

The present building, fronting on Colne Road, was erected in 1914 in the backyard of the old house, this then becoming a private house, which was demolished post war. Albion Road was known as Duke’s Head Row until 1878, when the local Board renamed many of the Roads.

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