The King’s Arms Public House, Albion Road, Twickenham

These notes were compiled by the late Vic Rosewarne during the 1990s

The King’s Arms was one of the first Beer Houses opened in Twickenham following the Beer House Act of 1830. This Act permitted any householder, who paid domestic rates, to buy a licence from the Customs and Excise and open his or her house for the sale of beer and cider only. The licence initially cost two guineas, later rising to five.

Originally run by Radford Parpworth, who was also a builder and carpenter. it was taken over by David Healey around 1854. He had previously run the Prince Albert Beer House in Hounslow Road, Whitton. After his death, in about 1865, it was run by his wife, Sophia, and later his son Walter until 1933. In 1870 the licence was in danger of being lost as the house was thought by the licensing magistrates to be of insufficent value; alterations and extensions were then made which brought the rateable value up. The present building was erected on the site of the previous house in 1926.

* * *